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Animals cannot tell their owners when they are thirsty, and recognizing the signs of dehydration in different animals is crucial for pet owners, farmers and livestock handlers to ensure the animals are properly hydrated to stay healthy, particularly during hot summer months. Many animals show...

Cattle may seem hardy, but newborn calves can be weak and delicate, and proper care in the first few hours of their lives will greatly improve survival rates and the overall health of newborns. 5 Essential Steps in Newborn Calf Care Calving season can be hectic, with cows giving birth at all hours...

Acclimating yourself to the frigid winter months is certainly a difficult task following the warmth of summer and fall. Furnace maintenance, firewood stacking, and digging out your long johns all become obligatory chores at this time of year. But adjusting to changing seasons is even more difficult...


How Ritchie Waterers Can Improve Your Operation's Bottom Line

Cattle need access to clean, fresh water, year round. See how choosing the right waterer can make your life easier and improve your operation's bottom line.